Why Xamarin Is One Of The Best Choices For Writing Mobile Apps

Why Xamarin Is One Of The Best Choices For Writing Mobile Apps

One can build all of the apps using Xamarin in Visual Studio which has now completely substituted Xamarin Studio. Besides, Xamarin also doesn’t require swapping between the development environments. Xamarin has been popular among .NET developers due to the ability to share the business logic of other https://wizardsdev.com/ .NET applications — reducing the development time for connecting apps to already built services. The importance of mobile application development cannot be understated. When implementing an overarching digital transformation strategy, consider the Xamarin platform for your mobile app frameworks.

How does Xamarin help mobile developmen

It has to be separately built for both the platforms and then has to be bound by the common codebase. The entire world is now surrounded by billions and trillions of mobile Tech which is inevitable. The major share of the development of mobile apps is taken by the Google‘s Android, Apple‘s iOS, and Microsoft‘s Windows.

One of the culprits is the renderer architecture, which was introduced more than five years ago with Xamarin.Forms. With .NET MAUI, Microsoft is rebooting the renderer’s structure with a feature it calls “Handlers.” It’s being architected to be more performant, extensible, and practical than its predecessor. MAUI also continues to benefit from any performance improvements made to the .NET platform.

Maui Will Address App Performance Issues

That means that web developers can continue to build UIs with HTML and CSS — and access device capabilities as if they were working on a native application. Meanwhile, the visual studio app environment streamlines the testing of various new cloud-based apps simultaneously. And Xamarin’s tight bindings to iOS and Android SDKs combined with its access to native APIs essentially translates to new company apps that are future-proofed for both iOS and Android platforms.

How does Xamarin help mobile developmen

These forms can be used to build UI for different platforms all at once and have almost 100% code sharing if these are chosen over Native UI Technology. It will be an easy decision to migrate Xamarin.Forms apps to .NET MAUI to benefit from increased performance, easier code maintenance, shorter development cycles, and better developer technical support. With .NET MAUI, developers work within a single interface and project file where they can write both cross-platform and platform-specific code. But it does represent some big changes vs. using legacy Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms for cross-platform development.

Maui Is A First

Here are six things businesses and app developers need to know about .NET MAUI. MAUI will boost Microsoft’s position in the cross-platform app development tools space, and help Xamarin compete against Flutter and React Native. Xamarin commits to making 100% of the APIs provided by Android and iOS platforms available to Xamarin developers, almost as soon as they are available in their native code bases. This means developers do not have any delay in starting to use those APIs once it is released on their native platforms. Xamarin apps work directly on the hardware, rather than on abstractions like webviews, as Phonegap/Ionic apps do.

  • By definition, “Pivots” are unplanned, unanticipated changes to the overall market direction of an app or other digital product.
  • And that means the .NET team now prioritizes mobile — specifically Android and iOS — when planning upcoming releases of the .NET platform.
  • We are always ready to help with Xamarin projects that need a bit of rescuing.
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  • Aswin Kumar is the Practice Head for Mobile Solutions at V-Soft Consulting.
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As the digital revolution rapidly expands across all business sectors and industries, Xamarin cross-platform mobile development becomes increasingly more in-demand. In fact, Forbes estimates that some sectors experienced a whopping ten years of growth in as little as three months during the pandemic. Meanwhile, over 80% of the world now owns a smartphone—compared to just mobile course 35% a decade ago. Xamarin provides several ways to share code across platforms, such as Shared Projects, Portable Class Libraries and .Net Standard Libraries. In addition, by using the newer Xamarin.Forms framework, the same code base can be used across platforms much further than before. Resulting in possibility of 30-90% code reusability, depending on the requirements.

What Microsofts Net Maui Means For The Future Of Xamarin And Cross

There are compatibility issues while integrating third-party Libraries and Tools with the app built on Xamarin platform. Though there is a Xamarin component store, there might be situations when the developer needs a specific capability or integration within his own app that are not provided by the platform. Xamarin developers and consumers can use only the components provided by the platform and some .Net open source resources. But native development incorporates extensive use of open source technologies. The Xamarin based cross-platform applications can be easily integrated to most of the popular backend platforms such as Parse, Microsoft Azure etc.

Every new learner or newbie in Mobile Development Domain finds himself in the dilemma of choosing the platform to start with. They are actually looking for a platform to execute or implement the test apps on something different from what it is intended for. ArcTouch has built apps with cross-platform technologies since the dawn of the App Store. Contact us to learn more about how cross-platform app development can accelerate your product roadmap and save you money. With his knowledge of web technologies well, he is the go-to person for end-to-end development for any kind of mobile application. He has also worked on some cutting edge applications using image recognition and face detection.

Faster Time

Xamarin developers can also easily connect and integrate with other platforms while utilizing third-party code and services. Meanwhile, businesses gain a competitive advantage because Xamarin-based apps have the flexibility required to grow and change along with their business needs and digital ecosystem. While there are many ways of writing mobile applications, for most situations native-hybrid development using Xamarin is a solid choice.

Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to be updated on all our new blog posts. A big factor in driving user adoption of a mobile app is the experience provided to the end user. Typically, a platform user expects some things to be in a specific way, for the usage to be intuitive. For example, Android users are used to having back button navigation, or a dropdown control appearing in a particular way, which is different from an iOS user’s expectation.

You can easily integrate Xamarin with various SDKs of specific mobile operating systems. It supports different devices that mean you just need to unite and Android SDK and GDK with Xamarin Studio to create an app. Xamarin.Android supports modern devices like Google Glass, Fire phone, and Android Wear, etc. There is no need to create different APIs for different mobile platforms because Xamarin allows you to use the same API to build iOS, Android, and Windows applications.

On applying changes or updates to the source code of the file, modifications would be reflected in both iOS and Android apps. But this works only for the applications using Xamarin.Forms or the business logic, shared code, .updates for Xamrion.iOS and Xamarin.Android apps. Zibtek is a custom software development company that provides IT staff augmentation services including, design, project management, web and mobile development, QA automation, dev ops, and support services. The massive shift from desktop to mobile traffic means companies must develop apps focused on user accessibility and convenience. Those that do create apps that function across multiple platforms find themselves richly rewarded, with equally happy Android and iOS users.

However, if you’re a .NET developer, you’ve had to navigate many different flavors of .NET — including the .NET Framework, .NET Core, and Mono, among others. The .NET team reduced some of that fragmentation by unifying all of these variations with the release of .NET 5 in November 2020. MAUI, as part of .NET 6 due out in November 2021, takes it to the next level.


Cross-platform development allows engineers to build mobile apps that can run on multiple platforms, saving companies money and reducing development time. Before we dive into what MAUI means for developers, it’s important to understand the difference between Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms. Xamarin extends .NET with tools and libraries for building mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. Xamarin.Forms is Microsoft’s cross-platform framework for building mobile apps with a single shared code-base. Put another way, Xamarin is the platform and Xamarin.Forms is a feature.

React Native is extremely flexible, allows developers to choose their preferred IDE, and is entirely free, including all of its libraries. Xamarin’s elements minimize development and allow users to navigate across multiple channels. Application indexing in Xamarin allows those applications to be in the search results which usually gets forgotten after few uses from the Users. The further steps would be creating new ‘Cross Platform app’ and start working on that. You would be asked to choose some settings and Visual Studio might take some time to set up your project. If C# is the preferred programming language, Xamarin is typically the better choice.

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This gives the developers the option to go as deep as they want, to understand how the platform works. Anyone familiar with C# language and .NET framework can churn out apps targeting Android, iOS, Windows and even Mac desktop applications. Apart from developers, this is helpful even for team leads and managers as it offers better manageability of the overall product development. As this avoids the need for maintenance of multiple elaborate teams for each platform, this results in savings of cost and time. There is simplified Maintenance and updates in Xamarin due to its cross-platform application.

Faster Reaction Times And Pivots

Xamarin supports wearable devices as well such as Android Wear and Apple Watch. The functionalities of these wearable devices in their native applications can be incorporated via downloading simple plugins from the Xamarin Component Store. The Mono .NET framework supports cross-platform development of all .NET framework features and also delivers a more extensive toolkit for Linux developers. Apps built in Xamarin have a reputation for having performance issues, particularly when it comes to app load time. Improving the startup times of Xamarin applications is an area Microsoft has been working on in the past few years . These days, developers expect to see the result of code changes immediately.

The StackOverflow survey did a good comparison between Xamarin vs React Native. It claims that React Native is a more popular choice than Xamarin, but it must be noted that which framework developers choose often comes down to a question of allegiance. So, while there’s plenty of debate over which framework outperforms the other, it still comes down to whether developers prefer C# or JavaScript. React Native uses JavaScript, one of the most popular and commonly used programming languages.

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